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About Armenia

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Armenia is a small country, which connects Europe to Asia. Over 2000 years ago it was one of the major powers, the third largest state in Near East, after Roman Empire and Parthia. Now Armenia is a modern country with ancient history, thousands of historical monuments, rich culture, traditional hospitality, delicious and healthy food, beautiful nature and safe environment.

Armenian church

Armenia is located between the Black and the Caspian seas. Bordering countries are Georgia from the North, Azerbaijan from the East, Iran from the South and Turkey from the West. The area constitutes 29743 sq km and is inhabited by approximately 3 million people. The country is divided into 11 Armenian church regions (marzes) and comprises 42 towns and 960 villages. The area includes the Armenian plain with its mountains, few forests, rivers and fruitful land on the shore of the river Araks. The agricultural land forms 46,8% of the whole area, mountains, plains and other lands — 34,9%, forests — 12,7% and water area — 5, 6%.